Experience Pila’s Journey Meditations posted by on May 29, 2022

Pila’s Journey Meditations were premiered in Pila’s first Huna week-long intensive, before a live audience of 200 on the Big Island of Hawaii. They are designed to activate your cellular memory and re-braid your DNA at the very core level of your being.  Archetypal symbology, language patterns and stunning music make these guided meditations the most effective relaxations, stress/anxiety elimination, deep sleep therapy known.

Pila’s meditations are available via a partnership with The Institute for Global Transformation.  Follow this link to their web site to learn more about how to experience Pila’s journeys for yourself:

Pila’s Journey Meditations

As you experience each Journey, you will begin to see and feel memories arise within yourself. You will begin to re-mem-ber who you really are, as well as your true purpose, a little more with each Journey.