Akashic Life Path Readings posted by on December 27, 2007
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With the new book release I am no longer giving Readings for 2012 (and until further notice). I still try to give as many “free Akashic hits” to those of you at a crossroads, as I can find time to do so.  (There is a rusty donation button on the site that is appreciated when you use it!)To date I’e given over 11,000 Akashic Readings, all by word of mouth referral (like my first book, now in it’s 18th, *****5 star year, thanks to you guys!)  I’ve “Read” in 8 countries, including some 85 employees and delegates of the UN, New York and Vienna.  If you feel you are at a crossroads and earnestly need some “insight into your own greater picture”, please be patient! NOTE:  My Readings aren’t for entertainment nor the faint of heart!  (They tend to be rather brutal on the ego, the stuff mom and pop would tell you if they could, or your priest or an ‘oracle’).  As a general rule those under 30, don’t bother (yet.  Get some life experience first!).  It usually helps in life to get that first marriage and business failure under your belt, before ‘standing on a high enough mountain’ that you may hear your purpose.

Aloha blessings, Pila

…and to the 144,000 Old Souls who have ‘come full circle and are returning to the campfire’:


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