A Combat Veteran’s profound connection with the Hawaiian Culture: posted by on January 23, 2023

(Published by the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” family: HCI)-Will ‘Pila of Hawaii’ Chiles, author, Fortune 500 Speaker

“There is much more to Hawai’i than meets the Mai Tai”

“All Roads Ultimately Lead to Hawaii” (especially “those Less Traveled”!)


* Now available in 9 countries.  *Now in German (NEVER promoted: ALL by ‘word of mouth’!)
*INDUCTED:  International Theosophical Society Research Archive selection
(nominated with the New Interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls)
*University of Hawaii Archive, Hawaii Public Library System
*3rd DECADE of Barnes & Noble, Amazon *****5 star ratings Internationally

It’s not about Hawaii. It’s about reconnecting with your Soul and discovering your heart’s true desire
…therefore, in a very real sense, it is ALL about Ha-wai-i!”

The Crossroads of Planet EARTH:  Hawaii– the place that all the world knows as paradise, “Mother Earth’s most remote land destination”, may hold a clue for all humanity during this, our critical ‘turning point’, and “defining moment in all history”. This little red book reveals why Hawaii is the crossroads of Humankind’s “grand mystery”. The Hawaiian people, their legends and culture, the power of their ancient “Kahunas”, even the location of the islands themselves may hold a key to our “greater human puzzle”, during this, our most severe ‘Time of Change’. Isolated in the greatest of our oceans at 19.5 degrees latitude, ancient “Sacred (now known as “Tetrahedral”) Geometry” reveals a: “Modality for the Human Estate”, in the form of a “macrocosm”; i.e., the “Seven CHAKRA Islands” that human reality has come to know as its “metaphorical dream of paradise”, and, as ancient tribal teachings know as “our connection Home”. 

ENHANCE your ordinary travel experience:  Let “The Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii” take you on a journey through time and touch your soul with the life-transforming power of sacred sites, tribal wisdom, myths… and more. Whether you are planning a trip to the place the world calls paradise, or are just searching for insights into your own spirit and Purpose, let Pila of Hawaii open your heart to the greater dimension of Hawaii’s exquisite beauty and special magic.

Experience Pila’s Incredible Mystical Journeys: posted by on May 29, 2022

Pila’s “legendary” Journey Meditations were premiered in his first “Huna” week-long intensive, before a live audience of over 200 on the Big Island of Hawaii. This was followed by a medical convention of 500 doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, culminating in a presentation to the United Nations, both New York and Vienna, Austria.

Intuitively “channeled”, these remarkable experiences (that you’ll never forget!)… are said to “activate cellular memory and re-braid your DNA at the core level”.  Archetypal symbology, language patterns and stunning music make these guided meditations the most effective relaxations, stress/anxiety elimination, deep sleep therapy known.

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Pila’s extraordinay Journey Meditations

(NOTE: Just please follow the simple instructions, and do NOT play while driving or operating machinery!)