Pila’s Meditation’s posted by on February 8, 2008

To HELP with the COVID NIGHTMARE: For YOUR “deep sleep and relaxation therapy” my “Mystical Journeys” are now available.  You can download them (as zip files) from the main page of www.mysticalhawaii.com.

You can also listen to them from my web site by clicking on the links to the right in the widget list.

PLEASE share (and PLEASE DON’T do it for PROFIT!!).  Psychologists and Hypnotherapists consider these “the MOST powerful form of REASSURING relaxation ever experienced.  My FREE gift to you in a time of great need.

Aloha blessings, Dear Ones….

WARNING:  As fun as they are for the car, DO NOT PLAY WHILE DRIVING (those on vacation in Hawaii could become sacrifices to Pele, if you “leave the body while at the wheel”.  Your rental car company will never forgive you!)

(NOTE:  These CDs have spawned an entirely new research program into the mind/body/spirit connection!)

CD Covers 1CD Covers 2