About Pila posted by on May 29, 2015

William “Pila” Chiles is a decorated combat veteran with the Fleet Marine Force’s elite Reconnaissance unit, and a survivor of a Secret clearance level, experimental, deep jungle Counter-Guerilla Warfare program, which became one of the highest casualty units of the Vietnam war. During a near-death combat experience that earned him the Purple Heart, Chiles witnessed a vision of our future, which led him to a specific location in Hawaii. As S-1 Chief of Military Police, 5th Marine Division, Chiles was nominated for Marine Officer Candidate School. He chose Honorable Discharge.

A profound realization came later in discovering years later in his “call to Paradise” that his near-death experience in Vietnam had occurred on the precise 19.5 degree latitude of his connection to Hawaii …a key known to ancient mathematical sciences as “Sacred” or Tetrahedral Geometry. Scientists and Theologians contend that this most ancient of Sanskrit mathematical sciences may indeed hold a master key “to Earth’s Great Mysteries”.

Today, Pila is known for the phenomenal psychic insights of his “Akashic Life Path Readings”, and is a teacher of what he considers to be the second major key, the Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom known, through the works of Max Freedom Long, as Huna. He is also a Trainer and Master Practitioner in the revolutionary new field of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, and an Ordained Minister. As a result of his psychic research and greater understanding into ‘our mysteries’, Pila was awarded an honorary Masters in Life Sciences, Order of the Essene. As a non-Hawaiian, he was further honored as a guest speaker for the “Year of the Hawaiian” by American Hawaii Cruise Lines on both inter-island cruise ships.  To date he has given over 11,000 Akashic Readings, including 85 delegates and employees of the United Nations, both New York, and Vienna, Austria. He is one of the few non-Hawaiians to ever perform an official Hawaiian blessing for the opening of a Hawaii state institution.

Known fondly throughout the islands as the “Pied Piper of Paradise”, Pila of Hawaii has captivated audiences internationally with his mystical musical journeys of the mind and the electric response to his authentic Hawaiian chanting. His book, “The Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii” has enjoyed a *****5 star rating for OVER two-and-a-half decades, and is now available in 9 countries. It has been translated into German, selected for the International Theosophical research archive (2004, along with the new interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls) and is also in the University of Hawaii archive, as well as the Hawaii Public Library system.

“In this, our time of greatest change and defining moment in all history, HAWAII is our Key to re-connecting to what truly matters.
It is the living metaphor of what the human soul seeks.  Further ancient “signs” indicate it
may secretively hold even more for us …indeed a Master Key to our entire human puzzle.”

In the ancient texts of Christianity, we hear: “Learn to be in the world, not of it.”
In understanding this greater “rock”, we may now  “re-build our church”:

“Learn to be of Ha’wai’i” (the breath of the water of the connection to the essence)

-Pila ‘of’ Hawaii