Project “Firefly” posted by on January 8, 2008


Phoenix Resended…

“The evolution, salvation and transformation of Humanity has always, simply been
This time it need not, MUST not, come ‘out of our ashes’.”
-Pila of Hawaii

PROJECT HAWAII: “Firefly Village®” is a proposed “green” community/ resort for Hawaii, centered around “futuristic studies and eco-tourism”.  Phase I is a joint venture with tradition, involving a hotelier on Mau’i, Wailea area.  The Old Paradigm is finally seeing “the good business” of the vision.  Phase II employs the full vision, encompassing single family residences who wish to “retire on vacation”.  The community shall support a town square for Hawaii tourism, as well as a university for health, rejuvenation research.  At the epicenter of this focus is a “mystery school”.  The “no carbon footprint” infastructure will actually produce more energy than it uses; thereby making the concept a viable “modality for a New Paradigm”, while encouraging  eco-tourism in the corporate conferencing arena.