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Field of Dreams:  “Build it ….and they will come”

“Project Firefly” Hawaii is a new paradigm health resort, university and eco-tourism shopping village. The full concept (shared with over 140 visionaries around the world) also includes a ecological village community.  There is expected to be at least three of these “centers” world-wide as models for our future. Many of the aspects of the university’s “lost teachings” premise  of education (based upon “fostering” vs. “striving to acheive”) can be observed in the simple understanding of the “function of the goddess” below:

To understand that function, is to find her simply amazing

Turning Godess

WHICH WAY DOES SHE TURN FOR YOU?If you witness the goddess turning clockwise, you are using your “right brain”.If you see her turning counter-clockwise, you are using your “left brain”.(If you see her jumping rope you are a dyslexic nut-case like Pila.) For those of you who her see both ways, you are the rare ones, and your thinking and perception is “balanced”. (Most, as in politics and religion, see her only one way.)See if you can make her turn one way and then the other, by simply shifting your brain’s “current”. BOTH DIRECTIONS CAN BE SEEN, so stay with it!  (Sometimes “asking her” to turn the other way works its magic.)  The left or right “hemispheres of the brain” (represented by which way you see the goddess turning) govern specific, often “opposite” functions of “the greater computer of You”.  This table illustrates some of those differences …between our ”left-brain and right-brain thinking”: LEFT BRAIN:  Logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective.  Perceives “parts”. RIGHT BRAIN:  Random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing, subjective.  Perceives “wholes”.Most individuals have developed through habit and environment, a distinct preference for one of the two “modes of thinking” ( brain function). Some of you as mentioned before, however, are more “whole-brained” and therefore, equally adept at both modes. In general, traditional schooling tends to favor and encourage “practical” left-brain mode of development and thinking,while downplaying the right-brain “creative, fancifal side. Left-brain scholastic subjects focus on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy. Right-brained subjects find themselves, like artists, focusing on aesthetics. The way this is currently taught, fostered and stimulated, through the mechanics and detail of traditional institutional learning, is counterproductive and ineffectual. Left-brain has come to be associated through the centuries as “male or ego-oriented”, conclusive thinking. Right-brain, “female, or intuitive”. The tribal peoples of the earth consider the feminine side of our knowing as “the true gateway to God”, while the masculine side is considered to be “the often premature conclusions” of (mere) “bits of knowing”.

In this time of greatest change it is time to take an entirely different approach to learning, by first “swinging the pendulum fully” toward the right, in effort to achieve 1. balance. 2. Full “computer” access.  We are already in a non-physical, more right-brained world, due to computer technology; therefore, this “shift” is necessary to survival (and prospering).

“Firefly”: The dream of fostering the “open society”, that is the greater manifested “female side of our knowing”.  In helping to change the direction of our future, an utter simplistic concept behind “Firefly” is to simply begin turning the other way for a while. Away from the male view “bits and conclusions” of a worn out system-no-longer-functional, toward the balance and embrace of the female side of our nature and knowing …until we are balanced and “better connected”.  Within this “other hemisphere” also lies the key to the vast untapped regions of our greater potential and more.

Herein, may also lie our “lost connection” and the key that governs our very mortality.  (Did we mention, the university is “far out”!)

For those at the top of your philosophical game, set your serious foot in your groin aside for a moment and snort out of the other nostril, in this lofty notion:  Imagine and recall, as the goddess you behold, changes direction back and forth… the ping pong ball of the first video game, bouncing back and forth.  You remember, the little on the “net” the softened and changed all the constructs of our rigid and limited world.  Now consider that little pong ball bouncing to a point of vibration, whereby a doorway in the “high middle” begins to open.  A purple doorway, your Third Eye…. not for just a glimpse of light from the other side this time… but a doorway now ‘ajar’ … in the river of light that is your 98% untapped resource.

There is much more to consider in this little notion, and it may help you to do so with a Hawaiian smile, in child-like wonderment (your real and simple key, after all these centuries… to all there is).

And consider this notion:  Space may not be our final frontier.  Perhaps a little “Intronaut Training” (c) is in order!

“And the wisdom of the gentle tribals, was never meant to be another religion.Indeed, it is the forgotten platform for ALL churches… the connection to ourEarth Mother, and our ‘way home'”.

“Fly efforts”: Entertain the simple thoughts:  In the end… in the true understanding, all things, even the great unknowable and forbidden, are simple.

(For another clue, get out the popcorn, kids. Go see “Spiderwick Chronicles” and the other Faerie Tales that are now lighting up the new blackboard …thought only to be the amuzement of children.)

“Seek not your true wisdom, for awhile, in the serious conclusions of man, no matter how sacred those thoughts may have become. Discover real clues to enlightenment, with new eyes, in the fantasy tales we have used for centuries, to delight and protect our children.”-Pila of Hawaii

THE WEDDING FORMULA for building “Firefly”: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. The Old: What we love, find comfort in, honor and want to take with us (not out of fear or habit). The New: The technology to help our planet, and our dreams of what could be. The Borrowing: From all cultures, in a mix of young and old. In this formula we find synergy, foundation, healing and inspiration… and the platform for an entirely new and diverse learning. The Blue: A new lighthouse unto our world, a new voice from God, Source, Great Spirit’s most precious and coveted element, our individuality on a blue frequency seldom seen on the dense, earthly plane.THE PLACE: Our world’s archetype for paradise and what the Human Soul seaches for, its “Ha-wai’i”.THE “RUSE” AND BOTTOM LINE: Golf, of “course”… at least at first.  Apparently the only real question of the rich, “is there golf after death?”  HA!  “Firefly” is to test that faith, in one the toughest and most beautiful of courses designed (as a focal point for the ladies: LPGA/WPGA championships) … and perhaps, in the offing, the test of some “men’s metal”.In this environment that the world knows as paradise, the greater challenge is to be a study center like none other, since the dawn of those dreams that fostered Harvard, this time in a different motif, that fosters more “right-brain” activity, in a world class  spa and the vacation concept at its finest. 4 Star convenience and savings, with 5 star (and more) options. Our underlying “theme”, a completely recycled community whose function is a model for our future.We have the affordable technology for this “lighthouse toward the new horizon”, to be raised as a flag, a gonfalon for our world to see.  As hope, guideline and direction for the younger generation,  and in this new “Firefly” standard, “the wedding formula for a world in its most urgent time of need”.