The Sacred Garden posted by on February 8, 2008

A little about this journey: If you have not tried a guided meditation before start with this one. The Sacred Garden Punalu’u. Your Wellspring. Stress elimination meditation to help add years to your life. USE this meditation OFTEN. Tracks for instant energy coffee break as well as deep sleep rejuvenation therapy. Helps with migraine relief, body tune up, your angel connection, wellspring within, goal setting, seeding, Ano Ano.

Track 1 contains helpful information about the journey.

Tracks 2 is a powerful Hawaiian Chants voice gifted by Pila himself

Track 3 is the day time use introduction, Track 4 is the “Sacred Garden” journey guided meditation

Track 5 is the night time use introduction, Track 6 is the “Sacred Garden” journey guided meditation.

Track 7 is a bonus track of additional music

Track 1: Introduction to the guided meditation and the Sacred Garden

Track 2: Hawaiian Chant: “Ho’opuka E Ka La”- Opening the doorway to your greater Enlightenment… “braiding on to your highest, most refined thoughts of light and love.

Track 3: Daytime use Introduction to the journey

Track 4: Guided meditation – The Sacred Garden

Track 5: Nighttime use introduction to the journey

Track 6: Guided meditation – The Sacred Garden

Track 7: Bonus Track

Do not listen to these tracks while driving or operating heavy machinery. 

Find a nice comfortable position, preferable semi-upright, unless meditation is used for sleep therapy and stress elimination.  SMILE while taking several deep breaths in through the nose.  Exhale with “Haaa” 

Aloooohaaa! – Pila