The Islands Within You posted by on February 8, 2008

A little about this journey: This is a DNA cellular power activation meditation. It speaks to humanities point of origin metaphor. It is a Soul call to the “High Mountain”, “Distant Trumpet”, “The Call Home”. Experiences include: DNA activation, adrenal awakening, body energy activation.

Track 1 contains helpful information about the journey.

Tracks 2, 3, & 4 are powerful Hawaiian Chants voice gifted by Pila himself.

The guided journey meditation begins on Track 5.

Track 6 is the music only version of the journey.

Track 1: Introduction and instruction

Track 2: Hawaiian chant: “E Laka E” – For attracting great Prosperity into your life (the archetype “essence” of feminine magnetism).

Track 3: Hawaiian chant: “Ho’opuka E Ka La”- Opening the doorway to your greater Enlightenment… “braiding on to your highest, most refined thoughts of light and love.

Track 4: Hawaiian chant: “Ai No Hoana” – “Lightning from Heaven” …one of the most powerful of all Hawaiian chants.

Track 5: Guided Meditation – The Journey – “The Islands Within You”

Track 6: Music only version of “The Islands Within You”

Do not listen to these tracks while driving or operating heavy machinery. 

Find a nice comfortable position, preferable semi-upright, unless meditation is used for sleep therapy and stress elimination. SMILE while taking several deep breaths in through the nose. Exhale with “Haaa”

Aloooohaaa! – Pila