Initiation into the Dreamtime posted by on February 8, 2008

A little about this journey: The Initiation into the dreamtime is a very powerful guided meditation. For many this meditation is transformative, opening new dimensions of conscious dreaming. Some of the themes you may encounter: “DNA matrix activation”, “Doorway to forming reality”, “Somnabulistic core sleep therapy”, “Insomniac healing therapy”, “Core DNA activation”, “Gateway between dimensions”, “The dimension beyond stress reduction therapy”, “Core matrix connection realignment”

Track 1 contains helpful information about the journey

Tracks 2, 3, & 4 are powerful Hawaiian Chants voice gifted by Pila himself.

Track 5 is the guided meditation “Initiation into the Dreamtime”

Track 6 is the music only version of the journey.

Track 1: Introduction and instructions

Track 2: Hawaiian Chant: “Ho’opuka E Ka La”- Opening the doorway to your greater Enlightenment… “braiding on to your highest, most refined thoughts of light and love.

Track 3: Hawaiian Chant: “Ai No Hoana” – “Lightning from Heaven” …one of the most powerful of all Hawaiian chants.

Track 4: Hawaiian Chant: “Moeuhane” – Your initiation into the “meaningful Dreamtime” of your deeper thinking.

Track 5: Guided Meditation: Initiation into the Dreamtime

Track 6: Music only version of Initiation into the Dreamtime

Do not listen to these tracks while driving or operating heavy machinery. 

Find a nice comfortable position, preferable semi-upright, unless meditation is used for sleep therapy and stress elimination.  SMILE while taking several deep breaths in through the nose.  Exhale with “Haaa” 

Aloooohaaa! – Pila