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January 2008
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Project “Firefly”

Firefly Unflip

 Phoenix Resended… 

“The salvation, evolution and transformation of Humanity has always, simply been THE NEW DREAM.  This time it need not, MUST not, come ’from the ashes’ of the old.”   
-Pila of Hawaii

PROJECT HAWAII: “Firefly Village®” is a proposed 500+ acre health resort community, study/research center. The main Hawaii facility consists also of an outdoor concert ampi-theater, golf course and mini-international shopping village for tourism (Hawaii’s primary income), to be situated on the Kohala “gold coast” of the Big Island of Hawaii. (Second option, depending upon zoning and local politic, is Lihui, Mau’i.) The Project funding is nine figures (Euro) and encompasses the following unique features:

While other obsolete concepts impart a retirement ‘from’ life, Firefly Village® embodies an entirely new concept that is the playground, “study ground” of our future… a youthful, health resort, study-center environment, in an ecological setting, rejuvenating to body, mind and spirit. Additionally, the careful blend of art galleries, international shopping and European cuisine impart a “crossroads of the world” feeling that is to live at the epicenter of fun and excitement.

Firefly Village® Project Hawaii observes the latest emerging trends in resort/retirement living and more …as a “bridge to our future” and the way we should be living ecologically, including cutting edge environmental and energy-saving technology, while taking all such concepts a quantum step forward, with energy-producing features. It is the Project’s goal to not only be self-sufficient, implementing ’state-of-the science’ ecology and recycling modalities, the community will actually produce more free energy that it uses …selling it back to the existing “grid”. This unique and futuristic concept benefits the individual NOW, allowing entirely new dimensions in personal sovereignty, self-sufficiency, well-being …and peace of mind… in the time of greatest change in all history.

A Lighthouse unto a far horizon…

*Healing Research Center for a New Paradigm: A new look at our mortality and the mind/body connection, and a ‘bridge’ and model for where humanity can be headed, predicated on the premise: “WE MUST BEGIN TO THINK DIFFERENTLY.” The setting for this new modality, “outside the box”, in the most remote and isolated destination on planet Earth, the place our world knows as Paradise…

“The Human Soul yearns for its Hawaii. She is the ‘living metaphor’, the call to that soul, for all Humankind to return home… away from the white-noise static of a world half-gone mad, back to the sanctuary of the garden, the healing of the heart …and in the fiery sunset of paradise, the rekindling of our lost dream.”

“The dream of our youth when anything was possible. The dream rediscovered in childlike innocence and wonderment, that would champion a world in its time of greatest need.”

-Pila of Hawaii
Project “Firefly International”

A second community project is slated for Europe, with the Austrian/Swiss Alps and the South of France as locale considerations. The further intent of the “tried and proven” ecological aspects of Project Firefly, is to build, smaller, self-sustaining 3rd World models as “lighthouses unto the future”. The greater vision is to ‘dovetail’ these functioning models with other “green revolutions” such as “One Laptop per Child” and extensions of the Al Gore “Climate Project” efforts.

Project Details and the “Firefly Philosophy” coming soon.