Hawaiian Chants posted by on December 27, 2007

Recorded by Pila of Hawaii:

“The sound of the Hawaiian chant has a deep, profound healing affect on the human psyche and neurology, all around the world, no matter what the race or background”.

“E Laka E” – For attracting great Prosperity into your life (the archetype “essence” of feminine magnetism).

E Laka E

“Ho’opuka E Ka La”- Opening the doorway to your greater Enlightenment… “braiding on to your highest, most refined thoughts of light and love.

Ho’opuka E Ka La

“Moeuhane” – Your initiation into the “meaningful Dreamtime” of your deeper thinking.


“Ai No Hoana” – “Lightning from Heaven” …one of the most powerful of all Hawaiian chants.

Ai No Hoana