“Are Faeries real? Hawaii phenomenon” posted by on January 30, 2008

David “Kawika” Bennett speaks of his first “Faerie spirit encounter” just before taking stewardship of “Garden of the gods, Hilo(No, that is not steam rising from his “cold” plate! And yes, it is a “non-smoking” restaurant.)  How many “entities” do YOU count in David’s birthday celebration?  To many it represents further proof of the unexplainable yearning that is the “call home” to Hawaii.  -Pila


This attempt to explain the strange phenomena in the photograph of myself in a local restaurant may appeal to some people and to others simply be an introduction to magic moments in our lives. The following describes events leading up to the moment this photograph was taken on October 29, 2004 which coincidentally was my birthday.

Long ago I felt an aloha calling to move to the Big Island of Hawaii. At that time I was unaware of all the things I needed to go through in preparing this major step in my life. I began a practice of meditation and prayer followed by a disciplined study of metaphysics. This lead me to believe in other worldly learning experiences.

I found my future home yet before I could make the purchase it was sold. I let it go with no regrets. However, two years later and quite by accident I discovered it on the market once again. Promptly I made an offer on this beautiful and spiritual exotic tropical fruit orchard estate landscaped with lush rare palms. I recalled the first day I’d stepped onto the property and sensed the Universe had selected me to steward the land. It was an awesome feeling knowing the land was communicating.

Having gone through all the necessary steps to make the purchase and knowing there was a bidding war going on in the background I was guided to a place of serenity within myself to calmly wait on the outcome. It was in this state of mind when the photograph was taken of me at dinner. My friend had asked me what was the status of the sale and knowing little about what was going on the back rooms of Realtor’s offices, I yielded my spirit and soul to whatever the Universe had in store for me. I breathed a sigh of relief in answering his question. I said, “I’m uncertain of the outcome but am certain this land in question has its hand upon me with a definitive energy pulling me to it.”

And snap! The picture was taken of me sitting with a cold plate on the table in a nonsmoking restaurant. We didn’t see anything that is shown in the photograph that night. It was after I was given a copy of the photo that it was understood there had been a visitation as you can see for yourself. After dinner my Realtor phoned to say my offer had been accepted, the property was mine and wished me a Happy Birthday. I had the photo enlarged and framed and to this day continue to see several face images within it. I’ve been told these are my spirit guides. I believe they really do exist.

Testimony of: David “Kawika” Bennett

NEW SIGHTING!! January 2008  David’s “Garden of the gods”, Hilo, Hawaii, located on “Hakalau Dr.” (Which means Kahuna, ‘expanded’ (or “feminine”) vision (the way the Ancient Hawaiians saw into the spirit realm).  This photo taken by a California businessman, his moving testimony to come.  David “Kawika’s” entire property is incredibly mystical. (see main page link).  There are 3 ‘powerpoints’ on it.  I believe this “entity” to be the one Dr. Sharon Holton of Scotland and I have been tuning into for several months now.  Sharon has named her “Elspahe” and I pick a flower each morning in my garden (Kona side) that I refer to as “her bonnet”.  To see that “bonnet” in the photograph was, as the Hawaiians say, pure “chickenskin”!

(Notice that “she” is turning counter-clockwise to face the camera.  What is critical to note in David’s special attraction and connection to the “higher realm” is the “substance” of his particular little “nature friends”.  “Ghosts” are considered more of a “fog”, an image, rather than having true substance.  This stringier ‘material’ is known as the “ether” the substance of higher reality, forming into our 3rd dimension… the cohesive “jell-o” of Speilburg’s Poltergiest series. )  To witness these “sprites” of another realm darting throughout his incredible “garden of the gods” orchard is to know what astronaut diapers were made for!!

“Elspahe’s bonnet”. (Better photo coming soon to show the curves and details of her “headdress”.)  For those looking for a genuine “close encounter” I’ll post some helpful guidelines soon.  We’re hoping some of you “pros” from the elven realm “home office”, Great Britain will join the research here, along with our Quantum Physicist friends. -Pila

Geppeto“Kawika” and “first encounter” photo

(I suppose what is really strange about all this is that we three are all retired, and as our Gay friends say, “hopelessly straight” business men. Ha! -Pila)